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About us

About HESA

At Hesa, we are proud of the user-friendly platform we have built, which is supported and supplemented by the efforts of our Hesaathis, our on-ground workforce that allows our clients and partners to take their businesses and dreams to each and every village in India.
In line with our mission to connect and thereby empower rural India, we are determined to make a tangible difference in the lives and livelihoods of the world's largest population that resides in India's villages.


To be the preferred last mile rural commerce platform by connecting over 650K villages across India.


To be rural India’s largest integrated marketplace that enables ease of commerce.


Trust: Trust and be trusted by partners.
Integrity: Be fair and morally honest in all dealings, while being equal in treatment to all stakeholders.
Ownership: To inculcate a sense of ownership and accountability among all employees and partners.

Vamsi Udayagiri

Note from Founder

Today’s urban Indian consumers and brands enjoy a mutually accessible eco-system and it is matter of a few clicks, swipes or at best, phone calls that bridge the gap in accessing all their requirements. However, for our fellow citizens residing in over 650,000 villages in India, whether it is depositing money in a bank or selling their agri produce or even recharging their mobile phones, it is a daily struggle, one filled with long commutes and even longer queues. They continue to remain widely left out and inaccessible and businesses also find it hard to serve them. Rural commerce continues to be driven by trust, relationships and physical interactions. Adding a layer of digital, unlocks its true potential to create sustainable business solutions and livelihoods at scale.
Through Hesa, I have embarked on a mission to paint this very canvas and change the narrative for India’s rural population by applying our experience of the rural markets and bringing together the social, physical and digital elements. Our Agri Tech and Fin Tech verticals roll up to make Hesa, THE Rural Tech enterprise. It is indeed an opportune time to connect India to Bharat phygitally as the Indian rural marketplace is ready for disruption. We envision to lead this space. I welcome you to partner me and Team Hesa in this exciting and extremely fulfilling journey.

God bless!

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